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Projected light, smoke.

EDGE OF A CLOUD is an audiovisual performance that creates an interplay of immaterial architecture operating between light and sound. Exploring the dynamic and ephemeral aspects of light and sound to offer breath, movement, and sentience to non-human forms and objects. Featuring a shifting soundscape by Alexandra Spence of real and imagined places; tactile objects amplified to merge with sounds made by resonant bodies and digital processing, slowly unravelling into ambient landscape. And a parallel light installation by Elia Bosshard that uses film and drawing projected as light to build shifting spaces around the stage, echoing the journey through sonic environments. The work takes influence from the pairing of two texts, ‘The Waves’ by Virginia Woolf and ‘Vibrant Matter' by Jane Bennett, exploring the relationships between the vibrancy and agency of objects, sound and ecology.

Filmed & edited by Matt McGuigan (Hospital Hill).

Development hosted by Creative Practice Lab, UNSW.

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