Open 28 November - 13 December

Hours Fri-Sun 11am - 5pm

Opening event Saturday 28 November 1-5pm

'Solo' shows 20 artists' documentation of their single-installations at Articulate Project Space over the last decade. This exhibition stresses single installations in line with Articulate's view that artworks' connection with their locations are likely to be emphasised when there is one work in the space. 

A selection of works from the photographic series Assembly of Arenas are featured with the article 'The Big 'C' Word' written by James Hazel.

"We investigate why classical music and the high arts are so inhospitable to people from the working-class in Australia - a country that considers itself a classless society where everyone has "a fair go"."

Guest speaker at the Opera Foundation for Young Australians 2020 Concert

Elia Bosshard in conversation with Ira Ferris - Artemis Projects Podcast

007.3.2 Small Signs / Elia Bosshard

Opening event:

Friday 20 September 6-8pm 


Galley open:

11am- 5pm, Sat-Sun 21-22 September

Spatial Aphorisms is an ongoing inquiry in my work that explores our physical relationship with constructed spaces. Often our relationship to structures and space is felt rather than seen. Through abstracting or re-contextualising shapes of space we know, we can look again and scrutinise our existence within the physical world.

Here, 107’s gallery space is re-created in scale models, as the frame to explore how our perception and interaction with a well-known environment changes when the shape is modified.

004.3.2 Shapes of Space: reconstructing the Venice Biennale 2019 / Elia Bosshard

This Award, valued at $15,000, enables an Australian artist who is professionally engaged in some facet of opera to further develop skills by undertaking study in Berlin. Elia travelled to Berlin in February 2020 to work at Deutsche Oper with the stage design team for their production of 'Antikrist'.

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