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Polyethylene twine, steel, aluminium grid, rope.

2m x 3m x 30m.

Silent Fields is a work of contrasts: presence and absence, the constructed and organic, permanency and ephemerality of physical objects, real and imagined.

The fields are open spaces to be filled.

They divide the space and frame the emptiness between.

The fields reveal themselves to be constructed. They exist as a collection of materials that come into contact for a time- light directed to reflect and refract within twisting plastic threads-  this interaction revealing solid form. Shape gives the appearance of walls, angular structures, flat or dimensional space. 

The fields are both present and absent. They are a singular strand and a collective of thousands. One field is repeated five times yet each field is unique as each thread is secured individually, its’ own tension created, and relaying light accordingly.

Light is both an object itself and the means for us to see physical structures. 

The forms shift slowly- can we see these transformations taking place or perceive them only when they reach a moment of stillness.

The fields resemble a scrim; a dramatic device that allows you to see the duality of a space by lighting on both sides of a gauze wall. However, Silent Fields presents an understanding that the experience itself is constructed. 

Silent Fields was presented at a work development showing at Studio One The Parachute Ground.

Lighting created with Roderick van Gelder.

Film by Hospital Hill.

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