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Concrete, screen board, acrylic, cotton, brass, aluminium, pine.

Spatial Aphorisms is an ongoing inquiry in my work that explores our physical relationship with constructed spaces. Often our relationship to structures and space is felt rather than seen. Through abstracting or re-contextualising shapes of space we know, we can look again and examine our existence within the physical world.

Here, 107’s gallery space is re-created in scale models as the frame to explore how our perception and interaction with a well-known environment changes when the shape or viewpoint is modified.

A model reveals the potential dynamics of space by offering an overview of structure and how one could move through it and be present within it. Through the model we can see the shape of a space. Through viewing the whole, we can access detail and form we may otherwise ignore. Our bodies are oriented to face one direction in a three-dimensional environment. In the ease of seeing the whole, we are made aware of our sensory peripheries, and can recognise our physical construction and the limitations of our perceptive abilities.

In the model, we see ourselves in a distant setting, as one detail of the whole.

Presented at 107 Projects, Redfern.

Photos by the artist.

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