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Monofilament line, steel, aluminium grid, rope, seating, two voices amplified through speakers, one acoustic voice, LED lighting.

Seven fields of 4m x 5m

The rarely performed musical work Three Voices (1982) composed by Morton Feldman, is known to bring about an immersive or meditative experience for listeners, inducing quiet and introspective reflection through a shifting sonic landscape. One live singer and two speakers entwine in a 50 minute dialogue of synchronicity and discord, harmony and suspense, unison and isolation.

A semi-circle of transparent pillars enclose the audience, a sanctum within the immense, empty distance to the vocalist at the far end, shadowed against a massive, concrete cyclorama. 

The audience is seated both within the frame, in the receptive epicentre of sound, and outside it, looking towards the action beyond the pillars.

The installation responds to Feldman’s musical structure, the shifting between perceiving minimalist detail to the monolithic structure.

Three Voices was presented by Cache in Point - artist duo of Elia Bosshard and vocalist Sonya Holowell - in collaboration with lighting designer Roderick van Gelder. 

Photos by Phil Erbacher

WINNER of Critics Pick Award Sydney Fringe Festival 2017.

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