Trio for Flutes


fabric, aluminium, flutists, score by Morton Feldman (1972)

2x3m, duration 30'

"I would like to take the opportunity to make the following remarks on the subject [of chamber music], which results from the wide experience I have gained in performances of Feldman's work and from performing with him. Firstly, the position of the three players in the room and on the stage is extremely important... Each player forms his own centre of sound; the position of the players in the room underlines the independence of the three parts; the three independent sound worlds, which become connected with each other in the perception of the listener, must be able to unfold freely."

- Eberhard Blum, flutist [1940-2013]

"For this music, I envisioned dancers crawling around on their hands and knees. I would not have persuaded those particular dancers to crawl around on the floor with me. They were dancers who were trained in the classical style, stiff, and with a fixation on technique. At the time, I was helpless in the face of their helplessness and in that context abandoned the idea and also I did not want to spoil the music. Therefore the work has remained 'fresh' and wait for the right time and place."

- Sophie Kotanyi, dancer [b1953]

Performed at Musical Alaska #21, curated by Elia Bosshard.

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